Comprehensive Car Insurance

In Switzerland, comprehensive car insurance (German: Teilkasko) covers damages to your car or motorcycle which you are not responsible for. Typical coverage provided by a Swiss comprehensive car insurance includes:

  • Natural hazards like fire, lightning and flooding.
  • Animal damage, including damage caused by collisions with wild animals (deer, wild boars).
  • Damage to cables, including those inflicted by martens.
  • Damages caused by theft or robbery are also covered.

Vandalism, or damages deliberately inflicted by a third party, is typically covered by comprehensive insurance. However, the exact hazards which are covered vary between insurers. Damage to parked cars by other vehicles and scratching or denting typically is not covered. Some Swiss insurers offer parked car insurance as an optional rider for comprehensive car insurance, while others only include it in their more expensive collision car insurance policies or offer it as an optional rider for collision car insurance.

Although comprehensive car insurance is not compulsory, this coverage can be worth having in many cases. However, if you drive an old car with little cash value, a comprehensive insurance policy may not provide much added value.

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