health insurance claim settlement periods comparison

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Periods Compared

Different Swiss health insurance providers take different amounts of time to reimburse your medical expenses. Find out how long settling a claim takes at different insurance providers.

In Swiss health insurance, a difference is made between indirect settlement, which is referred to as tiers garant, and direct settlement, which is known as tiers payant. See the full guide to medical bill payment methods used by Swiss health insurance providers for details.

When tiers garant, or indirect settlement, is used, you receive bills from healthcare service providers like doctors or specialists. If you want your insurance provider to reimburse you for medical expenses, you need to send them the receipts. The insurance company then reimburses you for the costs of eligible medical care, after deducting your coinsurance payment and deductible.

Depending on which health insurance provider you work with, the amount of time you have to wait before being reimbursed differs. While some insurance providers deposit the benefit in your bank account just days after receiving your claim, other insurers make you wait for more than a month to get your money back.

Having to wait too long to receive reimbursement can be problematic, depending on your financial situation and the size of your medical bills. In the worst case, you may end up struggling to cover your bases financially. Low-cost insurance providers like Assura are well known for their long claim settlement periods.

The Federal Office of Public Health gathered information relating to average claim settlement periods in a 2014 survey. built on the information provided by that survey by conducting its own survey of health insurance providers in 2017.

Average claim settlement periods at different insurance companies are clearly shown in the health insurance comparison.

If you would like to receive the complete list in PDF format, please send a message to info”at” with your request.

Figures shown represent the average number of working days between the time at which insurance providers receive a claim and the time at which they settle the claim. Where an insurer’s settlement periods vary depending on the size of a claim or other factors, the longest applicable settlement period is used.

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