Tiers Soldant

The tiers soldant healthcare bill payment model is a little-used alternative to the tiers payant and tiers garant benefit payment models used in the Swiss health and accident insurance sectors.

In the tiers soldant system, healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors or pharmacies) send their bills directly to your insurance provider as in the tiers payant system. The insurance provider then pays the money owed directly to the healthcare provider.

The difference between this model and the tiers payant system is that the insurer only pays the portion of the bill above what is covered by your deductible and 10-percent coinsurance payment.

The pharmacy, hospital, doctor or other healthcare provider charges the deductible and coinsurance payments directly to the patient. That means more administrative work for the healthcare provider.

In contrast to the tiers garant system, you allow healthcare providers to file claims on your behalf for benefits covering their bill, minus your deductible and coinsurance.

The tiers soldant system is rarely used, being employed in less than 1 percent of all claims. Because of this, many insurers do not maintain statistics for tiers soldant claims.

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