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Health Insurance: Gym Memberships

What do Swiss health insurance companies pay out towards gym memberships?

Swiss are an active lot, with about one-fifth of the Swiss population maintaining gym memberships.

The reasons for this are many, but the fact that regular exercise helps to prevent a plethora of illnesses (including diabetes) and annoying pains (backaches, for example), are definitely top-runners.

The obvious health benefits also provide an incentive for insurance companies to support the fitness efforts of their policyholders, or at least to add gym benefits to their marketing gimmicks.

While contributions to the costs of gym memberships are not included in Swiss compulsory health insurance policies, many insurers include these as a benefit on their outpatient insurance policies.

Gym benefits usually cover part of the cost of gymnasium memberships, fitness courses and exercise programs like aerobic sessions, maternity fitness sessions or preventative physical training.

How to get the most out of your health insurance gym benefits

  • Differences in fitness benefits and coverage offered by various insurance policies are huge. A comparison of outpatient insurance coverage is the best way to find the right offer.
  • Select the fitness center option in the supplementary health insurance comparison to find, filter and sort policies by the fitness benefits they deliver.
  • Depending on the insurance policy, the maximum benefit you can get towards fitness training could be anywhere between 200 and 500 francs. Many insurers also place a proportional limit on the part of a membership they will cover, such as 50 or 75 percent.
  • These insurance policies provide some of the best physical training coverage: EGK Sun 3 (up to 360 francs when you complete a minimum of 36 training sessions, 300-franc deductible), Helsana Sana and Helsana Completa (75% of costs up to a maximum of 200 francs per category and 500 francs per year), Sympany Premium natura (up to 300 francs per year), KPT Comfort (up to 200 francs per year), Visana Basic (up to 200 francs per year), Sanitas Classic (up to 200 francs per year), Swica Completa Praeventa (50%, up to 300 francs per year).
  • Some insurance companies expect you to show that you have actually completed a certain amount of training sessions before they pay out the benefit.
  • Not all gym memberships qualify for this health insurance benefit. Many health insurance providers only compensate you for fees paid to gyms which are “Qualitop” approved.
  • Before taking out an insurance policy, make sure that the gyms and fitness course providers which you want to use qualify for the benefit. If they do not, the policy won’t do you much good.
  • If your only reason for getting a supplemental health insurance policy is the gym benefits it offers, you may find that the premiums you pay will almost always outweigh the gym benefits. However, getting supplementary health insurance could more than pay off if you also use the other benefits it provides.
  • Example: If a supplementary policy costs 300 francs per year and delivers a 200-franc benefit towards your gym membership, you are only actually paying 100 francs per year for all of the other benefits provided by the policy.

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