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Health Insurance for Hearing Aids in Switzerland Explained

October 1, 2021 - Benjamin Manz

Are hearing aids covered by the OASI, DI and compulsory health insurance? Find clear information in this guide.

Getting high-quality hearing aids costs a lot of money. A good hearing aid can easily cost thousands of Swiss francs. Many residents of Switzerland assume that if they ever require a hearing aid, it will be covered by compulsory health insurance. In fact, that is not always the case. But social security disability insurance (DI) and old age and survivor’s insurance (OASI) pay out flat benefits towards hearing aids as well.

Hearing aid coverage from the OASI

Hearing-impaired pensioners are eligible for a flat OASI benefit of 630 francs for one hearing aid or 1237.50 francs for two every five years. The flat benefit is always the same, no matter how much the hearing aid cost. You can even pocket the difference in the unlikely case of the flat benefit being higher than the actual cost of the hearing aid. In order to claim this benefit, you have to be diagnosed with hearing loss by an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Hearing aid coverage from the DI

Adults insured by social disability insurance (DI) are eligible to receive a flat benefit of 840 francs for one ear and 1650 francs for both ears every six years. You get this flat benefit regardless of what your hearing aid actually costs. For minors, the DI covers the actual cost of the hearing aid (up to the current limit). To be eligible for this benefit, your hearing loss must be officially diagnosed by an ear, nose and throat doctor.

The DI also pays out a flat benefit towards the cost of batteries (40 francs per hearing aid for adults, 60 francs for minors). A flat benefit towards the cost of necessary repairs is available from the hearing aid’s second year in operation.

Hearing aid coverage from mandatory health insurance

Mandatory health insurance covers the costs of hearing aids which are on the official list of covered medical aids (MiGeL), but only if you do not receive benefits from accident insurance, the OASI, or the DI. Compulsory health insurance will not pay benefit in addition to those you receive from the OASI, DI, or accident insurance.

Hearing aid coverage from supplementary health insurance

Some supplemental health insurance offers provide additional coverage for hearing aids which extends the OASI and DI benefits. Hearing aids fall under the broader coverage for medical aids. But coverage from voluntary health insurance is also limited. For example, you may be able to claim up to 200, 500, 1000, or 2000 francs per year, depending on the insurance. Some policies only cover a percentage of the additional costs, such as 50, 75 or 90 percent. Ask your health insurance company whether your insurance covers hearing aids, and how high the coverage is.

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