Life Insurance

Helvetia Protection Plan

  • Death coverage

  • Pillar 3a or 3b

General information:

Possible in both pillar 3a and pillar 3b. Pure risk insurance with constant or decreasing sum insured in the event of death (optionally also with premium waiver in the event of disability). Increase of sum insured in pillar 3b possible with simplified health check at current rates.

Type of insurance:
Constant, Decreasing

Minimum entry age: 15 years (3b) or 18 years (3a). Maximum entry age 3a: 61 years (women) or 62 years (men). Maximum entry age 3b: 70 years (women and men). Maximum payment age 3a: 64 years (women) or 65 years (men). Maximum payment age 3b: 75 years (women and men).


Worldwide validity with legal residence in Switzerland.


Death: Suicide during the first 3 insurance years. In the event of death as a result of active participation in civil unrest or acts of war, a uniform regulation applies to all life insurance companies operating in Switzerland.

Disability: Attempted suicide, intentional self-inflicted injury, a crime committed or attempted by the insured person, active participation in civil unrest or acts of war.

Premiums and discounts:

The premiums agreed at the start of the contract are guaranteed for the entire contract term. The annual premium can also be paid in semi-annual, quarterly or monthly instalments.

Profit participation:

The profit shares are determined annually and are usually set off against the outstanding premiums.
For tied pension plans (pillar 3a), the profit shares can also be accrued and earn interest.

Death benefit amount:

Options with constant or decreasing insurance sum available. Insurance sum minimum: CHF 50,000.


Between 3 years and maximum of 45 years.

Waiver of premium:

The premium waiver in the event of disability applies from the first day of the insurance month that follows on the end of the agreed waiting period. Different waiting periods are available.
If the insured person is only partially disabled, the premium waiver applies to the extent of the level of disability. The premium waiver is not granted if the level of disability is less than 25%, while the full premium waiver is granted if the level of disability is 70% or more.


Beneficiaries include spouses or registered partners, descendants, parents, siblings and other heirs - in the free pension plan 3b also other beneficiaries.

Special services:
Waiver of premium, Gross negligence cover, Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b
Additional services:

No benefit cut if the insured event was caused through gross negligence. Additionally insurable for an additional charge: additional capital in the event of death as a result of accident.