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John Templeton (1912-2008)

As a value investor, Templeton rejects technical chart analysis in favor of company analysis as a means of finding stocks with growth potential.

After completing his economic studies at Yale University and legal studies at Oxford University, Templeton co-founded Templeton, Dobbrow & Vance in 1937.

The investment firm managed mutual funds, among other investments. In 1962, Templeton sold his shares in the firm and went on to found a series of other investment vehicles.

As an investor, Templeton was both a contrarian and a fundamentalist. As a contrarian, he looked on generally accepted investment practices with skepticism and chose to “invest at the maximum point of pessimism”, picking investments which virtually all other investors had rejected.

As a gifted stock picker and fundamentalist, Templeton rejected chart analysis and opted for company analysis as a means of determining stock growth potential.

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