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New M-Budget Mobile Plans Reviewed

January 7, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

M-Budget is making changes to its mobile offers as of February 6, 2019 and March 1, 2019. In this review, telecom expert Ralf Beyeler takes a close look at the new offers.

Migros and Swisscom have been offering mobile plans under the M-Budget brand for many years now. From February 6, 2019 and March 1, 2019, a number of changes will apply. The new terms and conditions apply to existing customers from March 1 and to new customers from February 6.

The Mini and Maxi plans will continue to be offered alongside a new Mega plan is which is being added to the M-Budget mobile plan lineup.

Mini plan now with flat fee

All three M-Budget mobile plans have flat fees, so you get unlimited calls and SMS messaging within all Swiss networks at a fixed fee. Previously, only the Maxi plan had a flat rate, while the Mini plan did not. The Mini plan continues to include 600 megabytes of mobile data within Switzerland and still costs 19 Swiss francs per month.

Maxi plan now with 3 gigabytes of mobile data

The Maxi mobile plan now includes a 3-gigabyte mobile data allowance – a 1-gigabyte upgrade from the previous 2-gigabyte allowance. The flat fee for unlimited phone calls and SMS messaging within Swiss networks continues to apply. The plan costs 29 francs per month.

New Mega plan with 5-gigabytes of mobile data and international calling allowances

M-Budget now offers a new Mega plan. The plan includes 5 gigabytes of mobile data in Switzerland. International calls to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria are included in the flat fee. The flat fee for this plan is 39 francs per month.

New family offer

M-Budget has also launched a family offer branded as familyPLUS. If one member of a household uses a Maxi plan, additional members of the same household can sign up for the Maxi plan for 19 francs per person and month instead of 29 francs per month (up to a maximum of 4 individuals). The same applies to the Mega plan: Individuals sharing a household with a Mega plan user can sign up for a Mega plan for just 19 francs per person per month instead of 39 francs per month.

New combiPlus bundled offer

M-Budget customers who use the Kombi Mini fixed broadband Internet plan now benefit from 1 gigabyte of mobile data per month.

Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

It has been a full year since M-Budget last updated its plans. An interesting development is the fact that even the smallest plan now has a flat fee for phone call within Switzerland. With a flat fee of just 19 francs per month, the Mini plan is currently the most affordable plan which includes unlimited calls to all networks within Switzerland at a flat fee.

With its Maxi plan, M-Budget combines the most affordable flat fee for calls within all Swiss networks with 3 gigabytes of mobile data in Switzerland. Mobile users who want unlimited calls within Swiss networks at a flat fee and 5 gigabytes of mobile data can also get this from M-Budget at a very affordable price. The same applies to users who frequently make calls to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Austria and for who 5 gigabytes of mobile data in Switzerland is sufficient.

The familyPLUS offer brings a new format of family offer to the Swiss telecom market. Although Swisscom has offered a family discount for some time now, its inOne Benefit is significantly more expensive. Depending on the plan used, Swisscom customers still pay a monthly fee of between 50 and 180 francs, accounting for family discounts.

Verdict: “The M-Budget offers are solid and affordable,” states Ralf Beyeler. However, the occassional promotional offers from other telecom service providers like Yallo and Salt are often even more affordable.

It is also interesting to note that M-Budget seems to have realized that receiving Cumulus points for unused data is not particularly interesting to mobile users. The Cumulus benefit which Ralf Beyeler described as a marketing gimmick nearly a year ago is being removed from the M-Budget mobile plans.

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