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New Yallo Prepaid Pricing Model Reviewed

February 1, 2018 - Ralf Beyeler

Swiss mobile service Yallo has changed its pricing schedule and introduced ten new options. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler, from online comparison service analyzed the offers.

Yallo – a Sunrise brand – has launched a new Yallo Prepaid mobile offer. Yallo services are powered by the Sunrise mobile network.

The Yallo Prepaid offer has been available to new customers since January 25, 2018. The Yallo Prepaid Classic offer will continue to apply to existing customers. However, existing customers can adopt the new offer at any time by sending an SMS with the word “NEU” to the number 255.

Under the new Yallo Prepaid fee schedule, Yallo charges 25 centimes per minute for calls to Swiss numbers and to some foreign networks, 25 centimes per SMS and 25 centimes per 10-megabyte data bundle within Switzerland. Previously, the cost of a 10-megabyte data bundle was notably higher at 3 Swiss francs. Under the old fee schedule, phone calls to Swiss numbers cost 35 centimes per minute and calls to Yallo numbers cost 15 centimes per minute.

Seven new optional All In bundles

The All In lineup consist of seven different, optional bundles from Yallo which each provide different amounts of call time, data and SMS messages for a monthly flat fee. The smallest bundle costs 5 francs per month and includes 100 megabytes of data, 100 SMS messages and 10 minute of call time to Swiss numbers and select foreign phone networks in more than 30 countries. For 20 francs per month, customers receive 1 gigabyte of data, an SMS flat rate and 200 minutes of call time to Swiss phone numbers and select foreign phone networks in more than 30 countries.

The two biggest All In bundles have a flat rate for phone calls and SMS messages. The All In 30 bundle costs 30 francs per month and provides unlimited calls and SMS messages to Swiss phone numbers. The All In 40 bundle also includes calls to a number of foreign networks. The All In 30 bundle includes 2 gigabytes of data use in Switzerland, while the All In 40 bundle includes 3 gigabytes of data use in Switzerland.

Roaming is not included in any of the All In bundles. Customers can make use of roaming, but all roaming costs are charged additionally. Yallo also offers roaming bundles.

Three new data options

Yallo offers three new data bundles for mobile Internet use within Switzerland. Customers can purchase a 250-megabyte bundle for 5 francs, a 1-gigabyte bundle for 15 francs, or an unlimited, unthrottled data bundle for 40 francs. Data is transferred at speeds of up to 100 Mbps for downloads and up to 50 Mbps for uploads. Bundles expire after 1 month, at which time any unused data is forfeited.

Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from

Flat-rate mobile services which include unlimited phone calls, SMS messages and data are heavily advertised in Switzerland. This is especially true of the three largest service providers Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. The problem is that these flat rate packages are relatively expensive.

Yallo uses a different approach and offers optional bundles which include limited amounts of call time and/or data which can be purchased as needed. This results in lower prices.

Other mobile services like Aldi, M-Budget and Coop Mobile also provide optional bundles to prepaid users, but none of these provides 7 options. “Time will tell whether or not customers will find the wide range of options overwhelming” says Ralf Beyeler.

People who only use their mobile phones occasionally will find the 5-franc and 10-franc packages very interesting. For mobile users who rarely call or use the Internet, the 5-franc All In bundle is unbeatably cheap. However, 100 megabytes of data and 10 minutes of call time is not much.

The pricing of the two largest bundles is comparable to that of bundles offered by Salt and the Lebara brand from Sunrise. The Das ABO / L’ABO offer from Salt has a flat rate of 39 francs per month for call to Swiss and foreign numbers. But it includes 10 gigabytes of data – significantly more than the Yallo bundles. However, the Salt mobile network did not rank as highly as the Swisscom and Sunrise networks in independent tests.

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