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Online Banking: Using it to Your Advantage

A full-on move to online banking can make financial sense. This report looks into the pros and cons.

Online banking has been a part of the Swiss banking scene for some time. But most Swiss still make use of physical banking services – at the counter, via conventional mail or via telephone.

What many people do not know is that some banks offer discounts to customers who limit their banking activity to the Internet.

The UBS private account, has a regular 84-franc annual account fee, but this is reduced to 60 francs per year if you choose to use online services only.

Then there are possible fees for paper statements sent by post. Nearly all Swiss banks let you avoid these fees by opting for online statements instead. Postage costs come to 0.85 centimes per statement for "b" post, and many banks add an administrative fee to that. If you plan to bank online only, you can specify this in the bank account comparison and cost reductions will automatically be applied to comparison results.

Also pay attention to fees for over-the-counter services. Most banks do not charge fees for transfers performed online, either within Switzerland or abroad (using SEPA). However, some banks do charge you fees when you have these transfers made at a branch office.

Trading fees and charges also vary in a big way between banks. Trade orders made face to face at the bank or over the telephone often cost more than those made online. The trading comparison is based on the lower online trading fees.

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