Parked Car Damage

For damages to qualify as parked car damage, the car must be parked (standing still). Damages which occur while a car is moving are not counted as parked car damage by Swiss insurers.

Swiss semi-comprehensive insurance policies normally cover certain parked car damages – like a rear-view mirror that’s been knocked off or a smashed window. However, dents and scratches inflicted on a parked car by a third party are not normally covered.

A Swiss fully comprehensive insurance policy will normally cover these damages, but (unlike semi-comprehensive insurance) making claims will usually knock down your bonus/malus status. You also need to consider the deductible.

If the parked car damage was inflicted by an unknown party, the Swiss National Guarantee Fund (NGF) may step in. Damages caused by vandalism, such as scratches on the body-work, are not covered by this guarantee. Benefits paid out by the guarantee are subject to a 1000-franc deductible.

One way to protect your car and your wallet is to take out supplementary parked car insurance. This insurance also covers expensive damages caused by vandalism (scratches in the paintwork, for example). Just note that, depending on the insurance policy, this insurance coverage is usually limited to a maximum sum insured, or to a certain amount of claims every year.

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