Roaming Option


Roaming options are supplemental offers which can be added to mobile plans or prepaid offers - typically for an additional fee. Roaming options either entitle phone users to discounted roaming rates compared to standard rates, or to predetermined amounts of roaming services.

Discounts or entitlements for call roaming, data roaming or SMS messaging may vary between countries. A roaming options which entitles its user to a predefined amount of roaming service at a predefined price is normally referred to as a roaming bundle.

Roaming options from Swiss telecom service providers

A number of Swiss mobile service providers offer roaming options. Many of these options remain in place until cancelled by users, which can be a disadvantage because customers who forget to cancel a roaming option will automatically be billed for a new option after the first expires. Making sure to cancel a roaming option after the end of a trip abroad is important.

The mobile plan comparison on accounts for all available roaming options and shows the most affordable model for each offer based on your specific needs.

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