streamlining your savings account

Streamlining Your Savings Account

Find out how to optimize your savings account in this guide.

Switzerland is a nation of savers. More than 288 billion francs of deposits are held in Swiss savings accounts. That comes to approximately 35,000 francs of savings per capita. But many savers aren’t getting the most out of their savings.

Low interest rates

Savings account interest rates are at an all-time low. While inflation is also relatively low, yield rates in no ways match price increases. What many savers do not know is that they could get a lot more out of their savings, even with conventional savings accounts.

The interest rate makes the deal

The lowest savings yield rates are right at the bottom at 0%. The highest yield Swiss savings accounts, on the other hand, offer annual interest rates of close to 1%. That may not seem like a lot, but over the years that interest can add up to a sizeable chunk of money. Over the long term, the compounding interest effect can multiply your yields.

Example: A difference of 1% in interest rates applied to 10,000 francs of savings means 500 francs more savings over 5 years. The more savings you have and the longer you keep them, the bigger that difference will be. That is why a savings account comparison is so important.

Savings accounts with interest rate tiers

A number of banks also offer interest growth savings accounts, the interest rates of which increase as time goes by, as long as no withdrawals are made. The savings account comparison on accounts for these specialized yield rate offers.

Savings accounts: withdrawal limits vary

Savings yield rates vary between banks. Most Swiss banks also offer several different kinds of savings accounts, and here too, yield rates may vary.

The general guideline here is: The tighter the restrictions on withdrawals (lower withdrawal limits and longer notice periods), the higher the interest yield rate. Banks will often provide higher-yield “investment accounts” which have more restrictions than their regular savings accounts. However, getting your money out of this type of account can be a slow process.

Savings accounts with promotional rates

Young adults and students enjoy the highest yield rates, currently as high as 1.5%. However, these promotional rates for youth and student accounts often apply to a limited amount of deposits only.

Typical limits range from 10,000 to 25,000 francs, depending on the bank. Any amount above that will earn the standard interest rate. The comparison takes these limitations into account.

Savings do not belong in a checking account

Many savers do not fully understand the difference between a private account (checking account or current account) and a savings account. Private accounts are designed for frequent transactions, such as those made with a debit card. Savings accounts are designed for long-term savings.

Private accounts normally offer much lower interest rates than savings accounts, but also have much fewer restrictions on withdrawals and transactions.

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Updated: October 2017

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