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Sunrise Launches New Youth Plans

November 13, 2018 - Ralf Beyeler

Sunrise is updating its current youth offers and adding two new plans to its youth line. Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at, analyses the new offers in this review.

Sunrise is upgrading its mobile plans for young people and expanding its youth offer lineup, with changes taking effect on November 19, 2018. Find key information about the coming changes here.

Unlimited Snapchat messaging

Sunrise Young mobile plan users will now benefit from unlimited, complimentary mobile data for Snapchat messaging. They will also continue to enjoy unlimited Whatsapp use on a complimentary basis. That means Sunrise Young users can send unlimited Whatsapp and Snapchat messages at no extra cost, as long as they are using their phone in Switzerland (this only applies to messaging and not to phone calls made through Snapchat or Whatsapp). However, the complimentary Snapchat and Whatsapp messaging is only a benefit for Young Swiss Start and Young Swiss Call plan users because all other Sunrise Young plans include unlimited local mobile data.

Europe-wide Whatsapp messaging

All Sunrise Young plans will now include unlimited, complimentary Whatsapp messaging while roaming in most European countries as well as Turkey, the United States and Canada. All existing customers will automatically benefit from this upgrade. It is also worth mentioning that Sunrise Young customers can continue to use their youth plans without any changes after their thirtieth birthdays.

New youth plans with unlimited mobile data

With the launch of the Young Swiss Data plan, Sunrise is adding a sixth plan to its Sunrise Young lineup. This plan lets young people access unlimited local mobile data for 45 Swiss francs per month. Calls and SMS messages cost 80 centimes per minute or message.

New bundled offers for young people

Sunrise is also launching a new bundled youth offer branded as Sunrise One Young. This bundle includes the Young Swiss Unlimited mobile plan with unlimited local calls, SMS messaging and mobile data, and the Internet Unlimited Young (Sunrise’ fastest fixed broadband Internet connection). Customers with access to an optical fiber connection benefit from data transfer speeds of up to 1 Gbps for both uploads and downloads. When optical fiber connections are not available, the broadband connection allows for the maximum speed possible with the available connection. The mobile plan and fixed broadband bundle costs 99 francs per month. It does not include a television plan.

Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

Both Whatsapp and Snapchat are popular among young people, so it is reasonable to expect that unlimited messaging via these services would be included in youth plans. Naturally, Sunrise’ advertising will benefit from the association with these popular brands. What is odd is the fact that Swisscom and Salt haven’t added similar benefits to their youth plans.

Studies conducted by Sunrise itself have shown that Instagram and Youtube are also among the third-party services which are widely used among young adults, so it is disappointing that Sunrise has not included unlimited use of these services in its plans.

The new Sunrise Young Swiss Data plan is relatively expensive in relation to its competition. A price tag of 45 francs per month for a plan which only provides mobile data and does not include call or SMS allowances isn’t exactly worth writing home about. Phone calls and SMS messages should be used with caution. At 80 centimes per minute and 80 centimes per SMS, this plan has the highest call and SMS fees to be found in Switzerland – by a long shot. There are numerous special offers by which customers receive unlimited local mobile data and phone calls for less than 30 francs per month. Even at standard prices, there are plans which deliver unlimited local calls and mobile data for less than 40 francs per month.

The cost of the new Sunrise One Young bundle from Sunrise matches the most affordable offers from its competitors. A disadvantage of the Sunrise bundle is that it is not modular so you cannot add supplementary services like television or landline plans to the bundle. Comparing this bundle to those offered by competitors is recommended.

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Expert Ralf Beyeler
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