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Swiss Bank Packages: Useful tips

Benefit from these useful tips on finding the right Swiss bank package.

The trend towards bundled deals is well established in the telecom industry. In recent year, this trend has moved on to Swiss banks, with many banks now offering bundled bank packages.

Credit cards, private and savings accounts

Most Swiss banking bundles include at least one private account (the Swiss term for a checking account), a savings account and one or more credit cards. Some banks include additional services like 3a retirement accounts in their bank packages.

Bank packages for young and old

Banks offer different product package combinations to different types of customers. Young adults often benefit from very favorable banking conditions, as do students and those just getting started in their career.

Bank Packages: added value compared to separate accounts?

The goal of banks is pretty obvious: By bundling multiple products into a package deal, they aim to become the one-stop solution for all of their customers’ banking needs. To sweeten the deal, many banks include more services and benefits in their package deals than customers would get if they were to apply for each product individually. Because of this, getting a bank package can be beneficial for customers as well as for banks.

Bundled deal interest yields and fees

Some Swiss banks offer higher interest rates for savings accounts which are part of a bank package. A number of banks also waive certain fees related to transactions, postage costs and out-of-network ATM cash withdrawals for bank package customers.

Fees and benefits compared

Most bank packages for adults have flat fees. You can find out whether or not this fee could work out cheaper for you using the unbiased bank package comparison. This tool lets you enter customized data to determine the best value offer for your banking needs.

Discounts and rewards

Discounts, coupons and reward points often come as additional bonuses when you get a bundled deal. You may, for example, benefit from discounts or credits when you use your credit card to shop or deposit money into your accounts.

The perks and conditions attached to each bank package are accounted for in the bank package comparison and are shown in the product breakdowns on the results page.

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