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Psychiatric Therapies and Psychologists: What Does Swiss Health Insurance Cover?

February 27, 2023 - Daniel Dreier

What do basic and supplementary policies from Swiss health insurance providers pay towards the cost of psychotherapy? Get informed with this guide.

The costs of psychotherapy are primarily covered by the Swiss compulsory health insurance.

What does mandatory health insurance cover?

  • Psychotherapy by psychiatrists in Switzerland

  • Psychotherapy by qualified psychologists, if the therapy is prescribed by a licensed Swiss medical doctor. 

  • If you need more than 40 sessions, a report from a medical officer is required.

What is not covered by mandatory health insurance?

  • Basic, compulsory Swiss health insurance does not cover psychotherapy by a psychologist if it is not prescribed by a medical doctor.

  • Your insurance policy’s deductible and coinsurance also apply to psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

  • Psychiatric care in other countries is only covered in the case of medical emergencies, up to the limits on health insurance coverage outside of Switzerland.

Do I still need supplementary health insurance for psychotherapy?

Not anymore. Since January 1, 2023, medically-prescribed therapies by psychologists have been included in mandatory health insurance. This change has made the coverage for psychotherapy which was previously included in many supplemental health insurance offers largely redundant. Your doctor can now prescribe treatments by independent psychologists, and these will be covered by your basic, mandatory Swiss health insurance.

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