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Swiss Health Insurance Psychotherapy Cover Explained

What do basic and supplementary policies from Swiss health insurance providers pay towards the cost of psychotherapy? Get informed with this guide.

Most of the costs of psychotherapy are covered by Swiss compulsory health insurance, while others are covered by supplemental health insurance coverage.

Psychotherapy: what does obligatory health insurance cover?

  • As with other forms of treatment, the costs of psychotherapy are only covered by basic health insurance if the methods used are considered to be scientifically sound.
  • Additionally, therapy must be administered by a recognized psychiatrist, or performed under the supervision of a doctor (delegated psychotherapy) in order to be eligible for coverage.
  • If more than 10 sessions are required, you will have to obtain an additional recommendation from a doctor and request additional coverage from your insurer before proceeding.
  • A number of reasons for therapy, including gaming addiction, are accepted. Make sure to check with your insurer as to whether your case will be covered before you begin therapy.

Psychotherapy: what is covered by supplementary health insurance?

  • Supplementary hospital insurance policies often limit or exclude psychotherapeutic treatment from the coverage they provide. Make sure you understand which costs (if any) are covered by your general ward, semi-private ward or private ward hospital insurance policy.
  • Outpatient insurance covers the cost of many therapies which would not qualify for compulsory health insurance coverage. The primary requirement is that the therapy must be prescribed by a doctor. However, even supplemental health insurance policies do not provide unlimited coverage.
  • It is always a good idea to ask your insurer whether or not they cover a specific therapy before you begin. Get the insurance company to send you a written guarantee of coverage. If you have already decided on a specific therapist, ask the therapist to recommend a supplementary health insurance policy which covers their fees.
  • Psychotherapy benefits vary widely between insurance providers and individual policies. A comparison is the easiest way to find policies which offer the right coverage.
  • Use the psychotherapy criteria in the supplementary health insurance comparison to find policies offering the coverage you need. When you apply the psychotherapy filter, only policies which provide psychotherapy coverage will appear in the comparison results. The sort tool above the results list lets you sort policies based on the benefits they provide.
  • Supplementary health insurance policies include limits on the amount of psychotherapy coverage they provide. Many insurance companies only pay out benefits up to a maximum limit, which may be as low as 100 francs and as high as 3000 francs. In most cases a coinsurance system is used, with insurers covering between 50 and 90 percent of the cost of therapy. Some insurers also place limits on the number of psychotherapy sessions they cover.
  • Currently, these supplementary insurance policies offer some of the highest psychotherapy benefits: Visana Basic (CHF 60 per session for the first 20 sessions, then CHF 50 for the next 40 sessions), Helsana Completa (75%, maximum CHF 4'500) Helsana Top (75%, maximum CHF 3'000), Swica Completa Top (90%, CHF 50 per session, maximum 60 sessions), Wincare Diversa Komfort (75%, maximum CHF 3'000).

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