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Swisscom's Wingo Responds to Salt Offensive

Swisscom’s budget brand Wingo is slashing prices for customers who use both Wingo mobile plans and Wingo broadband connections. Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at independent online comparison service, examined the Don’t Pay Twice offer.

Yesterday Salt launched its new Fiber offer at a highly-competitive price. Swisscom’s budget brand Wingo has been quick to respond, launching a counter-offer today. The most important change: For 94 Swiss francs per month customers receive both a high-speed, 1 Gbps Internet connection and a mobile plan which provides unlimited local calls and data (the Don’t Pay Twice offer). Adding a Wingo TV package brings the total price up to 99 francs per month. Existing Wingo customers can activate the new offer online.

A 31-percent price cut

"Previously, Wingo charged 144 francs for a bundled mobile plan, TV and broadband package. Wingo has slashed that price by 31 percent overnight,” clarifies Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at independent online comparison service “That shows that the profit margins in the Swiss telecom industry are still very wide.”

The new Wingo prices compared

Calculations by show that depending on the use case, Wingo compares well with Salt’s offers – without accounting for promotional offers. Wingo customers who use a mobile plan with unlimited local calls and data, high-speed Internet at home and a TV package with replay and recording functions pay 99 francs per month for all of these services. Salt charges 98.95 francs per month (not accounting for promotional offers) for the Smart Plus Swiss and Salt Fiber bundle. Sunrise (139 francs per month) and Swisscom (165 francs per month) are significantly more expensive.

Customers who do not need unlimited data on their mobile plan can opt for cheaper offers. At 88.95 francs per month, the alternative bundle from Salt costs 10 francs less than Wingo.

Broadband is getting cheaper

The individual cost of broadband from Wingo is also changing: Customers who only use the fixed-line Internet connection without the mobile plan now pay 69 francs per month – 6 francs less than previously.

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