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YUU from Quickline: Swiss Ice Hockey Now Available to Non-UPC Users

As of September 2018, the new YUU television offer from cable network operator Quickline is available to consumers. The new service enables consumer who do not have a cable TV connection to watch Swiss ice hockey matches via an app.

From December 2018, YUU customers can watch MySports on laptops as well. Like Zattoo, Teleboy and Netflix, YUU can be accessed through any Internet connection, with sports broadcasts being streamed.

YUU costs 19.90 Swiss francs per month

YUU delivers 8 MySports channels for 19.90 francs per month. The offer is particularly interesting thanks to its inclusion of National League and Swiss League (B league) matches. MySports national league broadcasts are not included.

A special promotional offer is currently available: Migros Cumulus users can redeem a 5-franc Cumulus voucher for 2 months of YUU (MySports Hockey). The standard fee applies after those 2 months, and must be paid using a credit card. The subscription does not have a minimum contract term and can be terminated at any time.

Verdict by moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

At long last, ice hockey matches are widely watchable once again. The change of strategy is surprising. Up until now, UPC has deliberately not made ice hockey matches available to competitors like Swisscom and Sunrise with the aim of motivating fans to move to UPC.

“The move to make ice hockey matches available independently of specific service providers is welcome,” says Beyeler. The new offer from Quickline is even cheaper than the price charged to cable TV customers for MySports – the MySports Pro subscription costs 25 francs per month in addition to Internet and TV subscription fees.

The only downside is that YUU users cannot watch individual matches on a pay-per-view basis or buy a day subscription. If and when UPC will get on board and offer its own app for ice hockey remains to be seen. It would also be interesting if UPC would make ice hockey matches available to Swisscom under license in the future.

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