Coaxial Network


A coaxial network is a network made up of coaxial cables and distribution points. In the telecommunications and television industries, coaxial networks are popularly referred to as cable networks.

The cable networks maintained by Swiss cable service providers like UPC and Quickline use coaxial cables to transmit television, broadband Internet and telephone signals to and from connected households. A relatively high percentage of Swiss households are connected to cable networks.

Originally, cable networks were built to deliver radio and television services. As the Internet was developed and gained in popularity, cable network operators began to offer Internet access through their coaxial cable networks. Swiss cable network operators now offer landline telephone connections through their networks in addition to broadband Internet and cable television.

Switzerland is home to more than 200 separate cable network operators, many of which service relatively small regions. Consumers cannot normally select a cable service provider of their choice, as the cable connection is normally directly linked to a specific coaxial network operator.

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