Swiss credit cards with rental car insurance benefits

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Do you know if there are any Swiss Credit cards that offer free car insurance when you rent / hire a car .... both in Switzerland and abroad (for example in the USA)?

many thanks

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A number of Swiss credit cards provide rental car insurance benefits when you use them to pay for car rentals, but there are major differences in the actual coverage provided.

While some cards provide insurance which actually eliminates the need for separate rental car insurance, others only cover the deductible of the insurance policies you get from car rental agencies when you file claims.

UBS includes a rental car collision damage waiver (up to 10,000 Swiss francs per claim) as a benefit on its Gold and Platinum credit cards. The American Express Platinum Card includes fully comprehensive rental car insurance for international travel (up to 120,000 francs per claim) as a benefit.

Swisscard - which issues American Express cards in Switzerland and also issues credit cards for Credit Suisse and Neue Aargauer Bank - provides fully comprehensive rental car insurance (up to 80,000 francs per claim) as a benefit on the American Express Credit Card Gold, the Blue from American Express, and the World MasterCard Platinum, World MasterCard Gold, World MasterCard Standard, Visa Gold and Visa Classic credit cards it issues.

Viseca, which issues credit cards for Raiffeisen, cantonal banks, and a number of regional banks, includes fully-comprehensive rental car insurance as a benefit on its Viseca Platinum credit cards.

Viseca's Gold credit cards, on the other hand, only provide a waiver of the deductible which your rental car insurance policy would normally require you to pay when you make a claim.

A similar deductible waiver benefit comes with Bonuscard Gold and Bonuscard Exclusive credit cards (including the Libertycard Plus). Diners Club credit cards also come with a rental car insurance deductible waiver.

As with all insurance policies, various terms and conditions may apply. These may include minimum claim sizes (Swisscard's coverage only covers claims which exceed 400 francs) and various exclusions.

It is worth noting that some of the credit cards mentioned above also give you discounts on car rentals at various rental car companies. You can find more information in this comprehensive guide to credit card car rental discounts.

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