Which car insurance should I get?

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I just got my hands on the car of my dreams and I want to get the best insurance available. What types of insurance should I get if I want all my bases to be covered?

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von moneyland.ch
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Hi there,

Here is a breakdown of the types of car insurance available:

1. Car liability insurance - This insurance covers your liability for injuries to other people and damages which your car inflicts on other people's property. This insurance is compulsory for all cars which use public roads in Switzerland.

2. Collision insurance - This insurance covers the cost of repairing damages to your car when you are at fault and the other driver is not liable to pay.

3. Comprehensive car insurance - This insurance covers damages to your car which result from hazards other than collisions. Covered hazards include hail, fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, damage caused by animals, and a number of others.

4. Parked car insurance - This insurance covers parked car damages inflicted on your car by unknown drivers while it is parked. Although these damages are normally covered by comprehensive insurance, having this insurance helps you avoid claiming on your comprehensive insurance policy for low-cost parked car damages.

5. Passenger insurance - This insurance covers the cost of medical care for passengers driving with you when you have an accident. Residents of Switzerland are covered by compulsory accident insurance, so getting passenger insurance only makes sense if you drive non-residents.

6. Motorist legal insurance - This insurance covers the cost of legal disputes associated with cars and traffic. You can compare motoris legal insurance using the moneyland.ch legal insurance comparison.

7. Roadside assistance - If you do a lot of driving, getting roadside assistance coverage can potentially save you money. Many insurers offer this coverage with car insurance policies - either inclusive or as an optional rider. If you do not already get this coverage, joining a motor club like TCS or ACS is an alternative.

Best regards from Moneyguru

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