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Mobile networks, also referred to as cellular networks, make communication between mobile devices (like smartphones) or between mobile devices and non-mobile devices (like landline phones) possible using radio-based communication. Signals are transferred wirelessly between mobile devices and radio beacons using radio waves. A number of radio transmission standards are used to ensure mobile network compatibility. Currently-used standards include GSM, 3G (UMTS) and 4G.

Three mobile networks operate in Switzerland. These are maintained by Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. Each of these three mobile networks includes its own GSM network, 3G network and 4G network.

Swiss 5G networks are still in their early stages. Swisscom and Sunrise have announced plans to disable their GSM networks by the year 2020.

Other telecom service providers like UPC lease mobile networks from one of the three network operators. For example, UPC’s mobile service ran on the Salt network until 2018, and the Swisscom network from 2019.

Swiss mobile network operators market their services under various brands. In some cases, mobile network operators collaborate with retailers to market services under brands which are already well-established. Examples of this include the mobile services marketed under the M-Budget, Coop or Aldi brands.

Swiss telecom customers can also use mobile networks outside of Switzerland by connecting to a foreign mobile network. This is known as roaming.

The interactive mobile plan comparison on lets you filter offers based on the mobile network which powers them. You can also find detailed information on the mobile network in question.

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