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ELVIA e-invest Robo Advisor

General information:

ELVIA e-invest is a subsidiary of Allianz and makes investment expertise available to Allianz customers. As an independent wealth management service, ELVIA e-invest recommends ETFs operated by iShares, UBS and Vanguard. Investments are focused on shares (Switzerland, Europe, USA, developing countries) and bonds (Switzerland, developing countries, global). As a robo advisory service, ELVIA e-invest delivers regular portfolio optimization including free rebalancing. Customer assets are held in an account at a third-party bank. It is regulated in Switzerland by the VQF.

Minimum investment amount:
CHF 5000
Type of service:
Investment management
General costs:

A flat rate fee of 0.55% per year applies. The fee is identical for all investment strategies. The flat fee covers custodial fees, account-opening fees, transaction fees, deposits, withdrawals, the annual tax statement and value added tax. ETF costs average 0.25% per year.

Product fees:

Product fees are not included.

Transaction fees:

Transaction costs are included in the flat fee.


Only commission-free products used.


Stamp taxes are not included in the flat-rate fee.

Minimal risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

Low risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

Limited risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

Balaned risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

Substantial risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

High risk:

Flat fee of 0.55% per annum.

Individual requests:

Individual custom investments are not possible.

Additional services:
Free training seminars, Mobile access, Robo advisor
Specialized asset types:
Equities, Bonds, ETFs


Founded in
German, English, French, Italian