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Yoga Sessions: What Does Your Swiss Health Insurance Cover?

Are yoga courses covered by your Swiss health insurance policy? Get the information you need in this guide.

Yoga may have its roots in ancient Asian philosophies, but it is now a popular form of exercise in many parts of the world.

Yoga fever has in no way passed Switzerland by. Around a quarter of a million residents are yoga practitioners. Women make up the bulk of the yoga-practicing population.

Yoga as a sport

While traditional Indian yoga already follows several schools of thought developed by a number of yoga masters, additional western varieties of yoga have also become abundant. Many of these focus on physical rather than spiritual principles. The broad term “hatha yoga” is used in reference to the physically-orientated yoga varieties.

Health insurance contributions to Hatha Yoga

Yoga as a form of exercise is supported by a number of health insurance companies. However, insurers only pay benefits towards sessions coached by recognized yoga instructors, such as those with Swiss EMR/RME certification.

Only a limited number of insurers offer yoga benefits, and those that do will normally bundle these perks in their optional outpatient insurance policies.

Which supplementary health insurance policies cover yoga?

Health insurance providers which, when certain requirements are met, cover part of the cost of yoga sessions include Aquilana, Atupri, Concordia, CSS, Innova, KPT / CPT, Provita, ÖKK, Rhenusana, Sanagate, Sodalis, Swica and Visana.

Check with your insurer to find out exactly which costs are covered and whether or not your yoga center qualifies before you sign up. In many cases, the benefit is limited to a few hundred francs, or only a certain percentage of yoga course fees are covered.

It is important to understand that the yoga benefits alone will not justify the financial cost of getting outpatient insurance.

However, supplementary health insurance bundles can pay off if you take advantage of the other coverage and perks provided.

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